Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor RemovalWhen it comes to all natural pet odor removal, we've got you covered. Our "fresh" dog bed deodorizer is made with all natural ingredients and are sulfate, paraben, artificial color and synthetic fragrance free. The essential oils we use in our freshener spray not only smell good, they're also natural flea and tick repellants.

It really is a pain to find a decent pet odor removal product that's also free of harmful chemicals that could hurt your dog. By using geranium and lavender essential oils in our spray, this freshener smells good naturally without fake chemicals to cover up the odor. It also uses natural enzymes, which actually remove pet odors instead of just masking them. This is a product you can feel comfortable using around your dog because it won't irritate their skin. This is a pet odor removal system that can actually have the effect of calming your dog through aromatherapy.

In addition to our pet odor removal products, we also offer a line of stylish pet duvets in a variety of sizes and patterns. From cats to Irish Wolfhounds, there's something for every pet. We've even received pictures of pot-bellied pigs curling up on Molly Mutt beds! Please check out our online store for all of our pet accessories.