the dog bed duvet company


molly mutt delivers love at first sniff. sure our beds are adorable, durable and eco-friendly. but what really gets dogs and their human subjects to swoon has more to do with what’s on the inside. dogs love that they’re stuffed with the stuff they love to sniff and people love that they stay fresh smelling after a quick toss in the wash.  

 there’s a lot to love about the company that launched it all.  molly mutt products are custom-designed & give your old stuff a new other words, upcycle your life!  because our designs are affordable & versatile it's a breeze to switch out looks any time you want - and most importantly, our patented system ensures love at first sniff.  need to know more about molly mutt? click here!

at molly mutt, happiness wins by a nose, every time. between being stuffed with all the comforting stuff dogs love to sniff, and being a breeze for people to keep fresh with a quick toss in the wash, it’s easy to see why...