why molly mutt dog bed duvets?

durable, washable, and pre-shrunk
comfortable, stylish, &
easy to maintain
made from
100% cotton canvas
& fully zippered
saves waste by
keeping your stuff
out of landfills

our story starts with one young woman, three muddy mutts, a couple of dirty dog beds, too many hauls to the laundromat & one very special idea — dog bed duvets!

molly mutt delivers love at first sniff. sure our beds are adorable, durable and eco-friendly. but what really gets dogs and their human subjects to swoon has more to do with what's on the inside. dogs love that they're stuffed with the stuff they love to sniff and people love that they stay fresh smelling after a quick toss in the wash.


how it works

buy your molly mutt dog
bed duvet & stuff sack
gather old clothes, towels, linens... anything soft fill the stuff sack with the
items you've gathered
insert the filled stuff sack
into the duvet. voilà!


designed to match your style

there's a lot to love about the company that launched it all. molly mutt products are custom-designed & give your old stuff a new purpose... in other words, upcycle your life! because our designs are affordable & versatile it's a breeze to switch out looks any time you want — and most importantly, our patented system ensures love at first sniff. learn more in our FAQ.

at molly mutt, happiness wins by a nose, every time. between being stuffed with all the comforting stuff dogs love to sniff, and being a breeze for people to keep fresh with a quick toss in the wash, it's easy to see why. Our accessories are designed to make your dog's life easy and comfortable, like eco-friendly dog beds,  armor, stuff sacks, pillow packs, duvets and crate covers. we also have the stuff you need to make your life easier and more comfortable, like collars, leads, fresh, totes and fillmore pouches.