Canvas Dog Bed Covers

100% cotton canvas

Woven to our specifications for long-lasting durability and comfort.

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Our cotton canvas dog bed covers encourage upcycling, and keep old clothes and dog toys out of landfills. Pick the print that speaks to you and your pooch, then fill it with old bedding, pillows, and more to create a brand new, brightly-colored bed your dog will love!


The fabric is 100% cotton and pre-shrunk, which makes it super easy to clean. Remove the stuffing, toss the cover in the wash, and you're good to go! you can even accessorize with our matching pillow packs (pups love to rest their head!) and crate covers.


You'll find prints ranging from bold to cute — something to match every style.

we have a size for every dog

petite dog beds

petite / cat

20" x 20" x 4"

under 15 lbs

small dog beds


22" x 27" x 5"

15 - 30 lbs

medium large dog beds

medium / large

27" x 36" x 5"

30 - 70 lbs

round dog beds

36" / 42" rounds

36" or 42" x 5"

50 - 90 lbs

extra large dog beds


36" x 45" x 5"

70 - 120+ lbs

crib mattress dog beds

the crib-e™

28" x 52" x 5"

70 - 180+ lbs


why molly mutt covers?

original designs

We never buy pre-printed material. Every molly mutt pattern is one-of-a-kind, designed by Molly—our co-founder.

attention to detail

We even go so far as to weave our own cotton to a specific density that is soft, yet durable, and won't trap pet hair.

nothing harmful

No pesticides, flame retardants or other harmful chemicals. We only use AZO-free dyes that are bright and won't fade.

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