Start a Repair

it's a dog eat bed world out there

Our customers have sharp teeth & claws, so we know our products have to be durable. We start by specifying the density of the weave in our 100% cotton canvas so that it's woven tightly to guard against snags and tearing.

But we also know there's no such thing as a "chewproof" fabric when a determined dog is involved! As such, we offer self- and full-service repair options.

full-service repair program

  1. fill out the form below to register your repair with us
  2. upon submission, the form will give you a repair product to add to your cart
  3. place an order for the repair product
    • the $19 helps to cover the cost of the repair work & return shipping to you
    • we waive this fee when you purchase the repair along with a replacement item
  4. wash your item according to its care instructions
  5. send it to us — we'll make the repairs and send it back to you