dog bed covers

Use our stylish 100% cotton dog bed covers to re-cover your existing dog bed mattress or create a comforting, sustainable dog bed with the extra blankets, pillows & clothes from around your home.

100% cotton canvas
certified non-toxic
machine washable
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dog bed cover reviews

Reviews from our tail-waggin’ customers

If you have an existing dog bed with a worn out cover, but a quality insert, use one of our covers as a replacement to extend the life of your bed.

Stuff. Simply stuff the molly mutt bed with your old pillows, blankets, clothes, etc.

Sniff. Your dog's favorite scent? It's you! As a result, this is the dog bed dogs love.

Snooze. Rest easy — molly mutt bed covers are durable, washable, and lovable.

molly mutt dog bed covers feature a 5-inch gusset & zippered opening. The cover's material is woven to our specifications (for maximum density) from cotton canvas that is as durable as it is fashionable. All of our covers are machine washable and will stand up to years of normal dog use.

Choose from 7 sizes that fit dogs from under 10 pounds to over 120 pounds. shop dog bed bundles to save!

  • Petite: 20 x 20 x 4
  • Small: 22 x 27 x 5
  • Med/large: 27 x 36 x 5
  • Huge: 36 x 45 x 5
  • 20" round: 20 x 4
  • 36" round: 36 x 5
  • 42" round: 42 x 5

Pair with a dog car seat cover to make your pup's next ride safer and more comfortable.