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Our story starts with one young woman, 3 muddy mutts, a couple of dirty dog beds, and San Francisco's famous hills.

molly mutt began in 2009 when co-founder Molly — yes, Molly is a person! — grew tired of trying to wash her dirty dog beds, only for them fall apart and need to be replaced. Not only that, but the closest laundromat was on top of a steep hill!

The A-HA! moment came when she thought, "Why don't dog beds have bed covers like the ones that go on my bed?" And molly mutt was born!

But enough story time — let's meet the team.


Scruffy Mutt — she can usually be found right under your feet or barking at a leaf blowing past the front door.


Chihuahua — she trusts no one, and is scared of literally everything, but she will accept your belly rubs.


Formosan Mountain Dog — the strong, silent type who thinks he's a famous model from Egyptian dog statues.


~90% Rottweiler — he strikes fear into the hearts of delivery people, but he's actually the sweetest dog you'll ever meet.

OK ...
here's (some of) the team

the molly mutt team

what makes us different?

97% approval rating

We want you to feel extremely confident when ordering from us. So, here's a link to over ~8,000 public reviews from real customers.

always authentic

molly mutt prints are all 100% original — we never buy pre-printed fabric. In fact, every single print has been designed by our co-founder Molly!

nothing pre-made

Our 100% cotton canvas is woven to our standards to create a durable, long-lasting material that will stand up to years of normal dog use.

built to last

Every molly mutt product is built for the long haul. You'll buy more because you love them, not because they fell apart.

we can fix that

We offer repair patches to extend the life of our products as long as possible. And if you need more help, contact us about a no-cost repair done at our warehouse.

better for the planet

Sustainability is at the core of the molly mutt mission. We aim to make upcycling & reusing easy — like with a replacement dog bed cover.

real customer reviews

Reviews from our tail-waggin’ customers


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