Designed To Be Together

dog licking owner's hand

for more than 30,000 years

dogs and humans have lived together as companions and protectors, sidekicks and soulmates.

Here at molly mutt, we build on this age-old bond by designing better ways for dogs and people to be together.

Let’s face it, life is just, well, better with dogs, and we're all about making your dog's life more enjoyable. We create extra durable, super comfy pet products with your pup’s physical and emotional wellbeing in mind.

If your dog is like most dogs, they love to curl up next to you with a nose-full of your familiar scent. Did you know your scent actually soothes your dog and boosts their mood? It's true!

That's why we invented the molly mutt bed, a stuff-able bed that upcycles old items from around your home.

Fill it up with your unwanted clothing, blankets, and pillows, and poof! Your dog has an eco-friendly lounger that smells like their favorite person. You!

pile of clothes

every second

a garbage truck-worth of textiles is either landfilled or burned.

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We also tailor our original molly mutt patterns to beautifully integrate with your home decor or vehicle interior. Dog beds, blankets, crate covers and couch covers become a stylish and functional addition to your everyday spaces.

You'll find this naturally supports you and your pup to spending more time together — at home and on the road.

We know it's a dog eat bed world out there, so we build our products extra tough with durable fabrics, reinforced seams, and easily washable materials.

Everyone who comes home to the boundless, wagging love of a dog knows that dogs and humans are designed to be together.