Kirkland Dog Bed Replacement Covers

kirkland replacement dog bed

warehouse club beds don't last

did you buy one of those "inexpensive" kirkland, costco, sam’s club or majestic pet 42-inch dog beds a couple months ago? already need a new one?

kirkland dog beds are a pretty good value, but the covers tend to wear out quickly. the insert inside is still fine, but you need a new bed for your dog. what can you do?

don't throw it away! breathe new life into your pup's bed by re-covering it with one of our 42 inch dog bed covers.

molly mutt dog bed covers are made from durable 100% cotton canvas and are machine washable.

covers that stand up to years of normal dog use

you've trained your dog to lie down. well, we've trained our beds to stand up ... to virtually anything a dog can dish out. read about our "be delighted" guarantee.

you'll love how your "new" dog bed looks, washes, and lasts!

dog bed cover features


and comfy


100% cotton


and preshrunk


only $59


up-cycle clothing