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washable dog beds

100% machine washable

to keep your home smelling fresh even with pets, fully washable dog beds are a must. over time, your pup's bed will gather dirt, stains, and that unmistakable doggy odor: it's just inevitable. but you definitely don't want visitors to smell your dogs before they see them! keep your home doggy-odor-free with a molly mutt dog bed with removable washable cover.

washable stuffable dog bed
washing doesn't remove your scent
calming and comforting bed

beautiful patterns

with more than 25 gorgeous designs, you'll be able to match any room in your home.

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petite / cat

20" x 20" x 4"

under 15 lbs


22" x 27" x 5"

15 - 30 lbs

medium / large

27" x 36" x 5"

30 - 70 lbs

36" & 42" rounds

36" or 42" x 5"

50 - 90 lbs


36" x 45" x 5"

70 - 120+ lbs

the crib-e™

28" x 52" x 5"

70 - 180+ lbs

keep your home odor free

the molly mutt dog bed system washes so well because it can be fully disassembled, allowing individual parts to be washed as needed. did muddy doggy paws get the bed dirty? just remove the 100% cotton canvas cover and wash it, without the need to wash the stuffing. did your pup have an accident? wash the cover sack and all of its contents, then reassemble once everything's clean and dry.

a dog bed with a removable washable cover is a necessity for younger pups while potty-training, and for those kind of situations we also offer armor, a waterproof inner liner. use one, and when puppy has an accident, you'll just need to wash the removable cover, not the entire stuffing contents. rather than wasting your time dragging the dog bed to the laundromat, or putting off the task until it's absolutely necessary, set all your pets up with molly mutt fully washable dog beds.

wash/dry time for a traditional stuffed bed could take up a whole afternoon, and a bigger dog's bed won't even fit in most residential machines. in contrast, a molly mutt bed can be disassembled and washed as needed, keeping it and your home smelling fresh.

not only are our beds the best fully washable dog beds around, but they may also be the most stylish! we offer covers in over 25 modern prints and solids, with more being added all the time. check out the available prints and bed sizes in our online store, and soon your pooch will be sleeping happily on a molly mutt bed!

dog bed features


and comfy


100% cotton


and preshrunk


starting at $29


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