add-on bolsters

With molly mutt pillow packs you re-use old clothes, towels, or even old dog toys to add a stylish bolster to your dog's bed! Durable, washable, and pre-shrunk, our pillow packs are 100% cotton canvas and sized to fit the short side of your molly mutt dog bed.

mix & match patterns
wool filled option
attaches with velcro
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add-on pillow reviews

Reviews from our tail-waggin’ customers

Some dogs just love to relax and sleep with their head propped up on a pillow — and who can blame them! For those pups we've designed an optional add-on pillow that will turn our standard bed into a bolster bed.

You can mix and match patterns to create a stylish bolster dog bed that fits perfectly into your home's decor.

Stuff. Stuff your molly mutt pillow pack with an old pillow, socks, toys, etc.

Strap. Place the pillow pack on your bed and velcro it in place.

Snooze. A headrest adds that extra bit of comfort for a great nap.