Wool-Filled Crate Beds

sized to fit all dog crate brands

Creates a perfect pair when combined with our crate covers.

Measure your crate from front to back and match that value to our crate bed sizes:

Works as a standalone dog bed, too!

the benfits of wool

all natural & minimally processed

odor resistant & stays fresh longer

regulates the bed's temperature

with proper care, wool lasts a lifetime

anti-microbial & no harmful chemicals

sustainably & humanely sourced

see what we mean

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we use only farms with strict growing standards

  • Sheep are rotated amongst a number of pastures to allow vegetation to recover from grazing.
  • We encourage alternative medical care to keep the sheep healthy with the fewest chemicals possible.
  • No herbicides or pesticides are used in the fields where sheep will be grazing.
  • To go even further, our wool is randomly spot-tested for harmful chemicals.
  • Wool from the sheep's bottom & belly are separated and sold to other customers.

practices that are never used with our wool

  • Carbonizing - a process where fibers are dipped in acids to dissolve vegetable matter.
  • Chemical crimping - after carbonizing, wool fibers are unnaturally straightened and need chemicals to regain their coiled, crimped structure.
  • Dipping - many farms subject sheep to a bath in a pesticide solution.
  • Bleaching - most wool fibers are bleached & dyed to make them appear whiter — our wool has its natural color.
  • Harmful shearing - the shearing process should be quick & harmless and performed by only highly skilled shearing professionals.
  • Mulesing - removing patches of skin from sheep to discourage infection and flies — none of our farms practice this method.
  • Overgrazing - it harms the land and lowers overall wool quality.

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