How Can You Repurpose a Crib Mattress?

posted by molly mutt on May 28, 2021

From one baby to another

A crib mattress—it's something we bring into our homes when a new life is on the way, only to throw it out a couple of years later when they are no longer of use.

And we do mean “throw out,” as the vast majority of crib mattresses are non-recyclable.

Even throwing them away can prove difficult as many municipal waste services ban mattresses or any kind from dumpster disposal, forcing you to travel to the dump or wait for your city’s limited annual pick-up window to dispose of your crib mattress.

The average adult mattress is used for many years if not decades, but crib mattresses represent a special niche of short-use/high-waste products that have become a necessity for new families.

Priced anywhere from $30 to $300 dollars depending on quality, and with a useful life of only two to three years, crib mattresses are a necessary evil that could easily be considered a poor investment and really only result in bulky waste once they are no longer needed.

Well frankly, this bothered us at Molly Mutt! So we did something about it…

Meet the crib-e™ or crib mattress dog bed cover! Our solution to non-recyclable crib mattresses.

Like all of our dog bed covers, the crib mattress cover is made from durable 100% cotton canvas that’s machine washable and dryer-friendly. It also includes a long zipper that can be opened from two sides, making for easy use.

Do right by our planet, limit waste in local landfills and upcycle your old crib mattress with a crib-e™ today!