Photography and Doing Our Products Justice

posted by molly mutt on Feb 01, 2022

We're ready for our close-up

New month, new photos! We spent the better part of two weeks re-shooting every product to create a more unified, clean look.

But this wasn't purely about aesthetics, as we believe our previous photos actually did many items a disservice. Cursed with bad angles and poor lighting, it's no wonder some products sold much slower than others. You couldn't see all the details!

Now, every category has the same angle and professional lighting to make comparing colors and patterns a cinch.


Product photos can be sort of boring. We're so lucky that we get to work with dogs when shooting our products—and we're always in need of cute pups in all sizes. 

So, be sure to tag #mollymutt when posting your photos so we can find our next dog model!

We think our dog crate covers will be so much easier to shop now. You can see both the top and right panels to get an better understanding of how it will make any room in your home look more stylish.

The same goes for all of our pet blankets, which are probably the product that benefitted from this project the most. Now you can see the color of the fleece backing because we turned up a corner on every blanket.

Here's just two examples, showing the two subtle background colors we chose to help set the pattern, and colors, away from a stark white website background.