Couch Covers Size Guide

  1. Measure the distance between your couch's arms.
  2. Compare this measurement to the seat widths in the chart below.
  3. Pick the closest size/seat width.
section 2-seater 3-seater 3-seater XL
seat width 55" 70" 84"
cover length 78" 78" 78"
arm width 22" 22" 22"
arm length 32" 32" 32"
seat crease back 42" 42" 42"
seat crease forward 36" 36" 36"

In between sizes?

If the closest size is wider than your measurement, simply tuck the extra inches into the cushion creases for even more "staying power."

If the closest size is shorter than your measurement, the extra long arm covers will fill any gaps.