crate pad covers

sized perfectly to fit in most standard crates, molly mutt crate pad covers are made from the same durable 100% cotton canvas as our standard dog bed duvets.
100% cotton canvas
2.5 inches thick
machine washable
20 products

if you crate your dog you want them to be as comfortable as possible while they're resting in their dog crate. a crate pad or mat adds an extra bit of comfort and makes a special cozy spot for your pup.

stuff a molly mutt crate pad cover with old pillows or blankets for a sustainable, comforting crate bed. your dog loves your scent, so this will make the crate their favorite spot!

give them year-around comfort with a wool-filled dog crate pad. wool is temperature regulating, so it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. coordinate with a dog crate cover for stylish look inside and out.

you can also add a crate bumper to protect your dog from the hard wire of the crate. each bumper size is designed to work with both doors on your wire dog crate.

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