dog beds

Choose from our two sustainable inserts to create the perfect dog bed for your pup and your home!

Or simply re-cover your existing dog bed mattress with our dog bed covers.

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bundle up

Build the perfect bed for your pup with these dog bed bundles.
the molly mutt bed

the molly mutt bed

32.13 - 77.12
includes: 1 stuffable bed (cover + stuff sack)
sheepy wool-filled beds

sheepy wool-filled beds

90.89 - 237.79
includes: 1 dog bed cover + 1 wool-filled insert
crib mattress dog bed

crib mattress dog bed

turn a hard-to-recycle crib mattress into a dog bed

covers for your dog bed

dog on a dog bed

we've got you covered

Use our stylish 100% cotton canvas dog bed covers to re-cover your existing insert or create a comforting, sustainable dog bed.

dog bed covers

dog bed inserts

wool-filled insert

Wool is one of nature's most technical fibers and can be used year-round as it stays cool in the summer & warm in the winter!

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stuff sack insert

The stuff sack helps shape all of the old pillows, blankets, etc. to create a comfy and comforting mattress for our dog bed covers.

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dog bed accessories

water-resistant dog bed liner

wetness protection

Our water-resistant liner protects the insides from life's little accidents. Designed to fit over the insert and under our dog bed covers.

armor bed liner
dog den for dog beds

perfect nuzzle spot

Add a den to your existing dog bed so your pup can nuzzle into their own covers.

dog dens
add-on dog bed pillow

a pillow for fido

Some dogs just need to rest their head on the arm of the couch or a shoe on the floor! For those pups we have an add-on bolster pillow.

add-on bolsters