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Our 3-in-1 hammock dog car seat covers fit any vehicle with headrests and help to keep your dog safe in the back seat. All covers feature adjustable headrest straps, seat anchors, and an anti-skid backing.

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Materials: durable 100% cotton canvas on top, with a non-skid backing and seat anchors.

When it comes to traveling with your pets—whether it's a quick trip to the store or a long vacation road trip—it's important to make sure they're safe in the back seat or cargo area. Dog car seat covers are the best way to keep your dog comfortable and safe, while keeping dog hair, dirt, water and other outdoor messes off your car's seats.

Our dog car seat covers even come with seatbelt slots so passengers can buckle up without removing the cover. They also feature adjustable straps and seat anchors to ensure a perfect fit that won't move around.

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