personalized embroidery

choose from 4 fonts & 10 thread colors

we do all embroidery in-house so there is no shipping delay. nearly all embroideries are completed in 24-48 hours.

make it personal! adding custom embroidery is simple.

  1. select a font
  2. select a color
  3. enter the name you want embroidered (no special characters, limit 12 characters)
  4. specify the items you want embroidered (e.g. both covers, just rough gem, etc.)
    • duvets & crate pad covers
    • crate covers
    • car seat covers
    • totes
  5. if 2 items, set quantity to 2 

sorry! we can't embroider pillow packs of any size. we also don't offer script in all caps.

please allow an additional 2-3 business days for embroidered items to ship.

selected thread color is
selected emoji is
adding to cart… the item has been added

no toxic chemicals!

no flame retardants
no pesticides
no phthalates

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