Recycled Denim Dog Bed Covers

did you know? the amount of water used to make a single pair of denim jeans is equal to 285 showers!

there’s nothing quite as comfy (and durable) as a pair of old denim jeans.

and now your dog can have both with our beautiful new denim dog bed covers! in keeping with our focus on sustainability, we have partnered with the new denim project, a Guatemala-based group that produces beautiful, durable, upcycled denim material using zero water.

why Guatemala? it's the 3rd largest denim producer in the Americas!

together we're making sure denim scraps from the jeans manufacturing process don't go to waste.

introducing... renewed denim dog beds


9 to 5

minimal water use
chemical & dye free

a circular system

​in A circular system Existing materials are given more value, not less. A continuous positive design and development cycle is essential to minimizing environmental impact and decreasing the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

​For every pound of upcycled textile waste, we save up to 2,400 gallons of water.

​For every ton of upcycled textiles, 20 tons of CO2 are prevented from entering the atmosphere.

​Sustainable design has the power to eliminate the use of chemicals and dyes, as well as significant energy usage reduction.

proudly made in guatemala

If we want humanity to move forward, we must build ideas that contribute to a collective economy. We must encourage upcycling in our businesses, our homes, and daily life activity. The world cannot continue absorbing our waste.