repair work


$19 includes all the material and labor to complete your repair, as well as the cost of the return shipping back to you.

if you choose to send in your item for repair, we ask that you cover the initial shipping cost. (see "details" below.)

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wash your item(s)

please follow our care instructions for the specific item you would like us to repair, and wash thoroughly before sending your item to us.

unwashed items can damage our sewing machines and smelly items are unpleasant to deal with. as a result, unwashed or smelly items will be sent back to you, without repairs, at your expense.

materials & hardware

all repairs are done using molly mutt original components. in cases where the original fabric print isn't available, we'll match with a coordinating print or color.

if you don't see them item you're sending in for repair on our website, then chances are the repair will be done with a different print.


if you choose to send in your item for repair, we ask that you cover the initial shipping cost.*

the repair work (when paired with a replacement item) and the return shipping are covered by molly mutt.

*in many cases a Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelope from USPS is the cheapest way to ship our products.

address to send to

molly mutt repair shop
2855 Mandela Pkwy
Suite 11
Oakland, CA 94608

turnaround time

the current wait time for repairs is 4-6 weeks from the time we receive it.

need a replacement right now? get a free repair!

we'll waive the repair fee for your damaged item when you purchase a replacement.

simply add this repair product to your cart, along with your replacement item, and the price will automatically be waived!

your replacement item will ship immediately and you can send your damaged item in whenever you like.

click on details and read the steps to ensure you understand our repair process.

no toxic chemicals

no flame retardants
no pesticides
no phthalates

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