The Dog Bed Dogs Love™

a place to rest their head

watch how simple it is to create the comforting bed your dog will absolutely love.

and here's why you and your dog will love it

it's beautiful

with more than 25 gorgeous designs, you'll be able to match any room in your home.

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it comforts your dog (with your old stuff)

your dog's nose has 300 million olfactory receptors, allowing it to smell 10,000 – 100,000 times better than you & us!

comforting dog bed

and guess what your dog's favorite scent is? you! your scent calms and comforts your pup like no other.

it's durable

six years later i'm finally getting around to a review of this duvet. and that is because i finally had to replace it. we keep two dog beds — one upstairs, one down. in those six years i have gone through a number of cheap — and not so cheap — dog beds upstairs. downstairs, the molly mutt duvet has served us well and stylishly. our dog finally ripped the fabric — she paws at the fabric every time she lays down or repositions herself. she is on this bed about 18 hours a day.

it's washable and more


and comfy


100% cotton


and preshrunk


only $49.95


up-cycle clothing


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