the molly mutt bed

includes: 1 stuffable bed (cover + stuff sack)
€32.11 - €77.06

+$7 is for GOTS Certified organic cotton covers.

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the calming, comforting dog bed

Stuff this bed with your old pillows, blankets, etc. and it will have your dog's favorite scent — you! Your dog is calmed and comforted by your scent, as a result this is the dog bed dogs love.

  • non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals
  • our 100% cotton canvas covers are durable, washable, and preshrunk
  • even donated clothes & blankets still end up in the landfill—give them a 2nd life as a dog bed
  • this bed will smell like you, which can help calm and comfort your pup when you're not around
  • get an extra cover so you can wash the bed whenever you like
The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 badge certifies that this product's fabric has been tested for harmful substances and it has been found to be harmless for human (and pet) health. learn more
If you prefer a pre-stuffed bed, check out our all natural wool-filled dog beds.
happy dog on a bed

the dog bed dogs love™

Breathable 100% cotton canvas material
Saves waste by keeping your stuff out of landfills
Durable, washable & preshrunk covers
Smells like you, so it's both comforting & comfortable
Extra covers means less wash for you to do!

no toxic chemicals

no flame retardants
no pesticides
no phthalates

cleaning your bed cover

  1. step one

    Wash in cold water with a mild detergent
  2. step two

    Don't let items soak for a long period after the wash
  3. step three

    Tumble dry on the low or warm heat setting
  1. avoid shrinking

    Don't leave items to sit in the washer (or soak) for an extended period of time. This can cause cotton—even preshrunk—to shrink.
  2. avoid fading/discoloration

    Please read our list of detergent ingredients to avoid, as they can cause premature fading and discoloring.

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