Why We Stuff Our Beds With Wool

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We believe wool is the best dog bed stuffing on the planet. Read on for why and real customer reviews.

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Our growers follow USDA Organic farming standards to care for both their flocks and range land.

They guarantee that grazing fields remain free from pesticides and herbicides, and also spot test wool for pollutants. You can feel good knowing our wool is safe from harmful chemicals.

what's so great about a wool-filled dog bed?

The next time your dog curls up to count sheep, give them the comfort of a molly mutt wool-filled bed or crate pad that (is):


bio-degradable & Earth friendly


sustainably & humanely sourced


regulates the bed's temperature


all natural, no harsh chemicals

see what we mean

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we use only farms with strict growing standards

  • Sheep are rotated amongst a number of pastures to allow vegetation to recover from grazing.
  • We encourage alternative medical care to keep the sheep healthy with the fewest chemicals possible.
  • No herbicides or pesticides are used in the fields where sheep will be grazing.
  • Wool is randomly spot-tested for harmful chemicals.
  • Wool from the sheep's bottom & belly are separated and sold to other customers.

practices that are never used with our wool

  • Carbonizing - a process where fibers are dipped in acids to dissolve vegetable matter.
  • Chemical crimping - after carbonizing, wool fibers are unnaturally straightened and need chemicals to regain their coiled, crimped structure.
  • Dipping - many farms subject sheep to a bath in a pesticide solution.
  • Bleaching - most wool fibers are bleached & dyed to make them appear whiter — our wool has its natural color.
  • Harmful shearing - the shearing process should be quick & harmless and performed by only highly skilled shearing professionals.
  • Mulesing - removing patches of skin from sheep to discourage infection and flies — none of our farms practice this method.
  • Overgrazing - it harms the land and lowers overall wool quality.

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