Naturally Better

all natural & minimally processed

odor resistant & stays fresh longer

regulates the bed's temperature

with proper care, wool lasts a lifetime

anti-microbial & no harmful chemicals

sustainably & humanely sourced

The next time your dog curls up to count sheep, give them the comfort of a wool-filled bed or crate pad.

Unlike many dog bed fillers on the market, our wool inserts are nontoxic, 100% all-natural, and chemical-free. Wool is naturally thermoregulating, so pets stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

We searched for two years to find a sustainable wool source that meets our stringent standards for the humane treatment of animals, chemical-free wool processing, and land management and conservation.

Our growers follow USDA Organic farming standards to care for both their flocks and range land. They guarantee that grazing fields remain free from pesticides and herbicides, and also spot test wool for pollutants. You can feel good knowing our wool is safe from harmful chemicals.

Best of all, your pooch will feel good snuggling up to one of nature's most comfortable fibers. Dreams of chasing sheep guaranteed.