wool-filled pillow pack kit

includes: 1 pillow pack + 1 wool-filled insert
$59.00 - $79.00
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a pillow for your best friend

why would we stuff a pillow pack with wool? glad you asked! wool is one of nature's most technically advanced fibers and has some some amazing properties:

  • 100% all natural, minimally-processed wool
  • odor resistant & stays fresh longer/li>
  • stays cool in summer & warm in winter
  • anti-microbial & free from harmful chemicals
  • sustainably & humanely sourced in California
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no toxic chemicals

no flame retardants
no pesticides
no phthalates

cleaning your wool insert

  1. step one

    Spot clean by hand with woolite, eucalan or a similar gentle detergent
  2. step two

    Lather for about 20 seconds, then rinse the area until the water runs clear
  3. step three

    Gently squeeze out the excess water and lay the insert in the sun to dry
  1. refresh your wool

    Lay the wool-filled encasement in the sun for 2-3 hours every month or so to freshen and cleanse the wool fibers.
  2. no washer or dryer!

    The agitation during the wash, and the heat from the dryer, will ruin the structure of the wool fibers and its natural lanolin.

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