Eco-Sustainable Dog Beds

natural dog bed

19 lbs of CO2e emissions

From the old pillows, blankets, shirts, etc. from around your home.


foam dog bed

130 lbs of CO2e emissions

From the memory foam, polyfil and who-knows-what material.

Our stuff-able molly mutt dog bed generates 85% less carbon emissions (from production, shipping and use) than traditional dog beds filled with foam and polyfil.

That means each molly mutt bed is saving 111 lbs of emissions, compared to conventional pre-filled beds. You can also think of it this way...

111 lbs of CO2e emissions saved
11 trees planted to combat CO2
pile of clothes

every second

A garbage truck of textiles is either landfilled or burned.

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recycled items can still end up in the landfill

If you and your pup are still on the fence, consider this: every year, the average person recycles or donates 12 pounds of textiles, and the EPA reports that only 15.3% of those textiles are recovered after use — which means the rest goes directly to the landfill.1

For every single pound of clothing you use to stuff your dog duvet instead, you can save 20x that amount of carbon from going into the atmosphere. Even if you recycle, transportation costs still add up. So re-use instead!

You and your dog love frolicking in the green grass, so help keep it that way. With modern and retro styles to match virtually every taste, there's something for every pup!

banana socks

sock monster?

Give the odd-sock-out a second life as a dog bed mattress.

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sustainable & green dog beds

Being eco-friendly is all the rage these days, but we know that's not why you do it. You want to provide your favorite pooches with sustainable, green, high-quality dog beds because being good to planet earth is important to you.

Thankfully, with molly mutt, you don't have to sacrifice style to stay green. You love your pets, you love your style, and you love the environment. Combine everything you love together with environmentally responsible pet accessories.

It's not just a claim... we have the facts to back it up.

washable & reusable

Okay, the filling takes less energy to produce, but what about durability? So glad you asked!

Since our covers rely on repurposed textiles from your own home, it makes washing a breeze. Pre-filled dog beds can be cumbersome and difficult to wash, which means they're often unsalvageable and must be replaced.

molly mutt beds are made with 100% cotton canvas material for easy cleaning. Simply remove the stuffing and wash everything — the recycled textiles and the cover. Good as new!

To make it even easier, we offer stuff sacks so that the filling is kept all together. This degree of washability, along with the ability to restuff the bed with more upcyclables, extends the life of the bed, giving your dog more time to love it while also saving production costs and emissions required to make a new bed.

help us eliminate carbon emmissions

molly mutt products run circles around similar products on the market. Each print is custom-designed by molly herself for fashion-conscious people, and that's not all. While the higher demand for green pet products has led to the creation of recycled and eco-friendly materials in other dog beds, we remain a leader in the industry with dog bed covers that eliminate 100% of the energy and greenhouse gas emissions associated with other bedding.2

That's right, 100%.

How? By creating a product that uses only upcycled textiles that you provide yourself. Instead of relying on alternative fillings, molly mutt dog bed covers come without stuffing, allowing pet owners to use their old clothing, bedding, pet toys, and other textiles that would otherwise be destined for the landfill. That means no additional energy or carbon is used to create the stuffing for our beds.

We even make covers sized perfectly for warehouse club beds, which have nice inserts but flimsy covers.

Plus, your favorite adorably-printed dog bed covers are light and foldable, allowing for easier shipping and even less carbon emissions while it's making its way to your happy home. Transportation-related carbon emissions from shipping are reduced by 70% compared to other dog beds, in fact.3 That's huge!

1, 2, 3 source: pet industry sustainability council on molly mutt, november 2013