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we let our dogs cuddle up on the couch, but not without a couch cover or pet blanket to help protect our furniture! a couch cover provides semi-permanent protection, while a blanket can be easily tossed on your sofa, sectional or chair.
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molly mutt pet couch covers are designed with your decor and budget in mind. you paid good money for your furniture and you don't want it damaged and needing replacement — our couch covers are up to the task!

all of our couch covers have a thick & durable 100% cotton canvas top (that's soft to the touch) and a nontoxic anti-skid backing made with silicon dots. we also include seat cushion anchors that go under the cushions you sit on to really lock the cover in place.

a couch cover for dogs is a great solution for people who want to cover their furniture full time to avoid damage from playful pups.

for those of you who only want their dogs on the couch when supervised, our dog blankets offer super protection without the permanence of a couch cover. toss a blanket over your favorite chair or just the section of the couch you want your dog to rest on.

all molly mutt blankets have the same 100% cotton canvas as our couch covers, but paired with a soft fleece backing. (the fleece "grips" well on fabric couches, not so much on leather furniture.)

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