Why Sustainable Dog Products?

better for people, pups, and the planet

We started molly mutt to build sustainable dog beds that hold up to a lifetime of washing, wagging, and wear. As our business grows, we continue to prioritize sustainability in the design and fabrication of our products, and in how we care for both pups and people.

Americans generate 16 million tons of textile waste every year

81.2% of those textiles are either burned or landfilled

Americans generate 16 million tons of textile waste every year 81.2% of those textiles are either burned or landfilled landfill 10 million tons sent to landfills burned 3 million tons burned recycled 2.3 million tons recycled exported 700k tons exported overseas 81.2% burned or landfilled

81.2% of those textiles are either burned or landfilled

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
cotton dog products

it's material

Great dog products start with durable fabrics and fillings that are pet- and planet-friendly. At molly mutt, we never buy pre-printed materials for any of our products.

Instead, we weave our own sustainable 100% cotton canvas that is breathable and soft to the touch, yet guaranteed to be sturdy.

Additionally, we source 100% all-natural, sustainably raised wool — from California and the western U.S. — for our bed and crate pad inserts. Our natural fabrics and fillings aren't just better for the planet; they are safer and more comfortable for you and your best friend, too.

We developed a strict Supplier Code of Ethics and work closely with our vendors and sewing partner in China to ensure every molly mutt product meets our standards for safe materials and ethical manufacturing practices.

We use independent testing organizations to ensure our standards are being met across the board.

washable dog products

in it for the long run

We believe longevity and resource conservation are hallmarks of good design. That's why all our products are easy to wash and built to last (and last and last).

Our beautiful replacement dog bed covers, couch & car seat covers, and blankets extend the useful life of pet beds, household furnishings, and vehicle fabrics.

You might say we're in it for the long run.

sustainable dog beds

less waste, more wagging

Pets and their people also love our proprietary molly mutt dog bed. Studies show your scent can ease your dog's anxiety and boost their mood. The molly mutt bed is an easy way to reduce waste by reusing loved pillows, clothes, and blankets — all while comforting your pup.

Here's how to create a super snuggly sleeping spot that smells just like you:

  1. you choose one of our 100% cotton bed covers in your favorite pattern or solid
  2. fill up the matching stuff sack with your extra clothes, pillows, and blankets to create a comfy mattress
  3. slip on the dog bed cover

Washing your stuff-it-yourself bed is super easy, too. Simply remove the duvet cover and toss everything into your home washing machine. You can even use the stuff sack as a washable laundry bag!

Because of its unique design, this bed produces 85% less carbon emissions — during production, shipping and use — than traditional dog beds.