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below are common questions & answers to help with your molly mutt purchase. feel free to e-mail or give molly mutt headquarters a call (510) 238-8400.


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what are your product sizes?


molly mutt dog bed duvets are available in five sizes:

small: 22" x 27" x 5"

medium/large: 27" x 36" x 5"

huge: 36" x 45" x 5"

crib-e™: 28" x 52" x 5"

round: 36" x 5"

round: 42" x 5"

molly petite duvets are available in two sizes:

square: 20" x 20" x 5"

round: 20" x 20" x 5"

molly mutt stuff sacks and armor are sized to fit inside your duvet. they are available in six sizes:

small: 22" x 27"x 4.5"

medium/large: 27" x 36"x 4.5"

huge: 36" x 45"x 4.5"

round: 36" x 5"

petite square: 20" x 20" x 4.5"

petite round: 20" x 20" x 4.5"

molly mutt crate covers are available in five sizes:

small: L 24" x W 18" x H 21"

medium: L 30" x W 21" x H 24"

big: L 36" x W 24" x H 27"

huge: L 42" x W 28" x H 31"

gigantic: L 48" x W 30" x H 33"

the molly mutt pillow pack is sized to fit the short side of your molly mutt duvet. they are available in three sizes:

small: 22" x 4.5" x 4.5"

medium/large: 27" x 4.5" x 4.5"

huge: 36" x 4.5" x 4.5"

molly mutt car seat covers are designed to fit any vehicle with headrests on the front and back seats:

56" x 56"


do you offer custom sizes?

occasionally we are able to offer custom sizes if that size is equal to or smaller than our existing sizes — please contact us at [email protected] for more information.


how do i clean my molly mutt products?

all molly mutt products are 100% washable. please wash according to your product type as follows: crate covers - cold water wash, hang dry only. duvets, stuff sacks, pillow packs - cold water wash, tumble dry low.

for molly mutt outside and armor we recommend wiping off the product. if further cleaning is required, wash in cold water and hang dry.

please note: make sure that you don't leave your molly mutt products sitting in the washer for an extended period of time.


how durable are your products?

our products are made of durable fabrics and stand up to normal wear and tear and numerous washings. unfortunately we do not offer any chew/tear-proof guarantees on our products. because they are stuffed with your old stuff it may help calm/soothe your pet, which may lead to fewer incidents.


are your duvets chew-proof?

unfortunately we cannot make any chew-proof guarantees regarding our products!


are your products water-proof?

no, but... our outside line of duvets are water-resistant — making it easy to clean up after accidents or after a day in the great outdoors. we also offer armor, which is a water-resistant liner designed to fit inside your molly mutt duvet. with armor, the insides of your duvet are protected from the elements.


how accurate are your product photos?

we do our very best to represent the color of our patterns as accurately as possible on our website. however, please be aware that factors such as varying screen calibrations and the lighting in which you view your items can affect the way a pattern looks. it is also possible that patterns from different dye lots may vary slightly in tone and hue.


which countries do you ship to? which carries do you use? etc.

please see our shipping page for all our shipping details.


i can't find my favorite pattern in the size i need?

occasionally we sell out of sizes. if a size is missing from your favorite pattern that means we cannot currently ship the item. feel free to contact us ([email protected]) as there may be items that are not listed on the molly mutt shop.


what if my order contains a defective product?

if you receive your molly mutt products and find that they are in some way defective please let us know! we want to make sure that all molly mutt products meet our standards for durability and quality. we will make sure that you are sent a replacement quickly!


can i exchange my items?

we accept returns & exchanges for unused, unwashed items. refunds and exchanges will not be given for used or washed items.

please use our returns & exchanges form. once we receive your package it can take up to 3-5 business days for your return/exchange to be processed.

please note: since personalized items are made just for you, these products are not returnable once they’ve been embroidered.